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Affecting the Flow of Energy with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that focuses on the life force that exists in all things. In addition to writing books about African art, introspec offers personalized consultations to demonstrate the best way for you to create the perfect flow of energy through any areas that you may occupy. Our services include: arrangement of space, interior design, space clearing, personal chi adjustments, garden design, and residential and business consultations. By incorporating modern and ancient techniques, we help people in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area create places suitable for living and working.

Zen Garden

Importance of Proper Flow

By understanding the way that energy moves through your environment, you can arrange your surroundings to improve your health, relationships, finances, social life, sex life, or sleep patterns. The effects of the environment on an individual's health, business, and relationships have been documented in numerous scientific studies. We can show you how to use ancient Chinese knowledge to skillfully adjust your life.

Worldwide Understanding That Impacts You

The universal concept of a life force can be used to help with a person's mood, productivity, job stress, job satisfaction, and work relationships. It has many different names—it is called Chi in China, Prana in India, and Nyama in Africa. No matter the name, it influences your life in every way. When there is an aspect of your life that you cannot change, focusing your energy on changing your immediate environment gives you the control that you have been missing.