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Personal and Public Collections of Art

Enjoy owning a private collection of African art or visit our impressive display at Ralph Proctor's African art gallery. In the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, our art services include photographing collections, purchase consultations, appraisals, and organizing and presenting large exhibits. Although introspec has published many books on the topic, our first love is displaying, selling, and collecting African art.

Traditional Wall Ornament

Our Art

Your love of art will only grow deeper as you peruse our selection of works. The Ralph Proctor Gallery was founded in 1976, and offers a selection of traditional African artifacts from West and Central Africa. Viewing our items inspires some to start procuring items for their own private collection. To help you bring the warmth and majesty of tribal Africa to your home, we sell our art for reasonable prices.

Our Certified Art Appraiser

When you have a question about the value of a piece of art, our expert art appraiser gives an accurate estimate for African artifacts. As a member of the National Association of Professional Appraisers, he is certified to appraise ethnographic items, African art, and antiquities. Our estimates can be used for insurance purposes, estate planning, property division, and determining the value of donations.