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Literature About the Fascinating African Culture

Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania company carries a selection of books about African-American and African culture to inform people about this fascinating history. introspec has released three publications by Ralph Proctor that allow people of every age to discover unknown facts about the topic. From the importance of Feng Shui to the values of different types of art, Dr. Proctor has researched and shared his vast knowledge.

The African Art Lover's Guide to Collecting

Entertaining and Educating Children

Show children of any age the importance of African culture. In African Images to Color, Dr. Proctor has a two-volume collection of various different images of African art. Your children can let their imaginations run wild as they choose the exact hue that ancient artifacts should be.

Starting a Collection of Your Own

For people who admire the elegance of African art and artifacts, we sell The African Art Lover's Guide to Collecting. This book is filled with hints and values of the African jewelry, masks, or paintings that have captivated your curiosity. It is the perfect guidebook to help you find items that fit your interest and budget.

A History Lesson from the Civil Rights Movement

When you are more interested in the recent history of African-Americans, Voices from the Firing Line: A Personal Account of the Pittsburgh Civil Rights Movement is a well-written look at one man's experience. Take a journey through a dangerous time in Pennsylvania's history.