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African Art, Jewelry, and More


Discover the joys of collecting African art, and how we can help you get started. At introspec, we offer a number of different services to help you find and insure valuable art.

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Rock in Sand

The world is made of different types of energy, and the flow of that energy affects every aspect of your life. Let us show you how to balance this energy.

Feng Shui

Read more about what to look for when you start your personal art collection. We sell books with African culture, history, and art folded into every page.


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Of the Book: African Art Lover's Guide to Collecting

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introspec in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a multi-dimensional corporation that offers a variety of services, ranging from sales of art, publications, and gifts, to lectures and consulting. While we focus on many cultures, our main focus is the study and exploration of African and African-American cultures. Our founder, Dr. Ralph Proctor has more than 45 years studying and teaching about the many different facets of Africa. Dr. Proctor's training and lecturing focus on a number of different topics, including personal motivation, conflict resolution, and meditation. From helping other balance the energy in their lives to publishing books about collecting African art, we offer a vast array of services and products.

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